Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Strange dreams

Earlier in the night, it was vampires. Anita Blake type vampires. But the prize winner was the Four Horsemen.

They had come to the door, and everyone at this house I was at was cowering back, hiding. And finally, one guy sighed and said "It's okay, really, they're looking for me. I have to go with them." And he opened the door and they stepped in and started talking together. The guy embraced the skeleton in the red cloak, and went out the door. I went up to the guy who was the skeleton in the crown and shook his hand and said "Just want you to know that I know you guys have a hard job, and not everyone goes weird when you folks show up. Hang in there." He said "Thank you," in a hollow voice, and left. Okay, that was different...

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