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History in San Diego

For the second time, I was flown to San Diego to work with the Whaley House kitchen. This is becoming a great weekend gig!

This time, we gave out tons of samples, and actually ran out of ingredients on Saturday. Of course, my wood-fired kitchen was the only one functioning in Old Town, due to a massive power outage that lasted from noon until around 7 pm. Not a problem for all the doing at the Historic Park and the Whaley House. Electricity hadn't been invented yet! And since all of us were running, but most of the rest of Old Town wasn't, we got a surge of visitors.

I finally had the photographer catch up with me, and all his photos seemed to have an odd white aura around my head. I think it's the Whaley Ghosts making a statement, myself. I'm THEIR cook, after all. Interestingly enough, I kept feeling I was being watched, kept seeing a gent in a gray frock coat looking out the dining room window, watching me, in my peripheral vision. But when I turned, there was never anyone there. Well, it IS a haunted house, after all. I also had a little girl mistake me for a ghost, seen through a window. Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

I may be invited down again. The Historic Park has now expressed interest in getting me to work with them on some earlier foodways. Oh yes, I can be SO there!

Looks like San Diego may become a regular fixture on my history calendar.

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