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Sometimes, it's time...

Ruth is more peaceful than I've ever seen her. Impending passage to the Summerland becomes her. She is looking forward to being united with George again. She's putting things in order for the family, and she's ready. No more struggle, no more toil. She joked that she even admitted to being Wiccan when she was admitted to the hospital, and they asked religious preference, and was surprised when the nurse went down her list, and found it listed. Not a surprise to me, but this is the Bay Area, and I have had a lot of pagan friends in the hospital, over the years. It was a remarkably upbeat conversation. But then, I have a peaceful relationship with Lady Death, myself.

I think she'll last at least a few more days. The transfusions kind of amped her up again. But, as she put it, all she wants is to make an easy transition. Hey, that's all any of us can hope for. It's not death that's the issue for some of us. It's the process of becoming dead that's often unpleasant. Going fast is to be hoped for.

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