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Big game hunting, cat style

It was a ratty weekend. Jiro brought in a rat that got loose while I was gone on Friday night. Dan told me it was somewhere, and I decided to deal with it in the morning. Circe was good at keeping track of it, while the boys went out for the night. Next morning, Circe and I chased it all over the living room, and that's when I found out that roof rats (I looked it up, since it looked different from previous rats) climb. But then Jiro came in, and it was an ex-rat very shortly. Then he brought in *another one* on Sunday evening, fortunately dead, this time. Must have been a nest.

I'd say that the kid is going to do a great job of following in Ming's ratting footsteps. And he's already gotten a squirrel, as well. And squirrels are even more challenging than rats. My little jungle cat is living up to his ancestry!
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