Jilara (jilara) wrote,

I felt the earth move under my feet...

Andrew had just gotten here to work on our homework, and I was about to serve some dinner, when the room started to sway and rattle. This one was different. It started small, and instead of jolting, it was like it was amping up on a rheostat. Dial up a quake, a little at a time... I heard a few things crash in the kitchen. My first act was to blow out the Horned Knight candle, then I stepped back and found myself looking up at the Foo Dogs, holding out a hand like I was ready to catch them. It struck me to stay out of the way, though, in case the tall bookcase should topple. They stayed rooted to the top of the bookcase, along with my skrying bowl and the antique sword Peony Crown. I guess they just figured they could take care of themselves... Finally, things stopped moving. I looked over at Andrew and joked "Gee, you come over, and the earth moves..." I thought it was about a 4.8, but it turns out it was a 5.6. I guess the house is just well situated, so it doesn't move as much as it could have. I turned on the radio and listened to the reports roll in. Well, so much for homework for the next hour, as I checked with folks and they checked with me. I am now wondering about what it is about October and earthquakes, and whether this is a precursor to something more...

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