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Treated on Halloween

The annual Halloween Madness took place despite technical difficulties and an overextended schedule. Somehow, the fact that it was Wizarding Technical School seemed to fit! The broomstick that was supposed to circle had its motor give out, and the animated crystal ball started responding variably. I think the swami inside was tired of making predictions! He'd still respond, but sometimes he'd just laugh or sigh. It was actually kind of fun to see what we'd get! So we had to rely on good old-fashioned acting! Scott would welcome folks to the school Open House, out on the sidewalk, dressed in his lab coat with a large fake boa constrictor draped around his neck. He was a veternarian specializing in familiars. I'd explain about Blue-Collar Magick, and trades such as Weatherworking, Monster Removal, etc. Chris would demo the broomsticks or crystal balls. A lot of kids loved the discharge globe, and would play with it.

At the end of the evening, we got a large party of adults coming through, who were literally a rolling party! There were pirates, a bride with a sword through her, and several other costumed characters. They had crystal glasses and were offering drinks of good rum, which Scott and I accepted with thanks. They hung out for a while, and a good time was had by all! Especially since Carole and Bill were here, along with Steve and Bruce. It's fun to get Treats on Halloween from others!

My other treat was a phone call from Andrew, asking how Halloween went. :-) He also tossed out a "some year in the future" idea about going to a field school for dendrachronology, some summer. And the botanist that still lives in me was thrilled by the idea. He thought I might be. And it's still kicking around in my head, living in some future summer. Ah, another treat.

I guess the tricks of the evening were the mechanical breakdowns. I also brought out Mr. Coyote Stick to play, as a prop for the weatherworking spiel. After all, Halloween is an appropriate holiday for a Native American trickster! He was accused of being responsible for the little wind gusts that kept coming up. He seemed to be laughing at that...

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