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Charge of the sleep-deprived

I'm having trouble adapting to the time change, this year. Maybe because there aren't enough hours in the day for everything I have to/want to do. What's giving is sleep. I'm staying up later, and later, to get things done, and the cats still get me up at the same time in the morning. I was realizing last night that I was essentially sleep-talking on the phone, when I realized I didn't remember what I'd been saying, that it had a drifty dream quality. I'm told I make perfect sense, when I'm in that state, but my mind just isn't present. It's how I'm making up for the fact I'm not getting enough sleep. Hmmm, I'm dreaming in the Anita Blake universe again, when I sleep...I suspect because I'm hitting up too much of the nighttime hours, just like the way the books take place.

If I can make it through the week, maybe I can catch up with sleep next weekend. I need to remember to take ear plugs on the Hawaii trip, too. I'm sharing space with Chris, and his snoring is bad enough to keep me awake most the night, without ear plugs. Maybe I should just shift to sleeping days and staying up nights...

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