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Cat worries

So, I get back from Hawaii and find Circe has been vomiting hairballs and dry cat food all over the house. And is in hiding. This is Not Good.

She flounced through on Saturday a couple times, but didn't come out to socialize. She was in the screen room for a while, and the basement for a while, hiding. Yesterday, she showed up for a few minutes and let me pet her and brush her, but then went back to whereever she's hiding again. Her feral cat background makes her very good at hiding when she's not feeling good. I haven't been able to find the latest hiding place. I'm worried. She hasn't been showing up to eat, but then, she often doesn't. Dan says she upchucked a super-gigantic hairball while I was gone, and she'd just upchucked again when I got home on Friday---on my bed. I can only hope this works its way out, and I do't have a cat who's seriously sick and unfindable until she is dead or something.

I know I'm being melodramatic, but I worry a lot. And it bothers me that I haven't found the latest hideout. Normally, I can locate her, but wherever she's gone since yesterday is really, really obscure.

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