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Cat update

Circe has apparently been hiding in a new place, in the corner of the dining room, under a low table, hidden by a box of junk mail. I've noticed her ghosting in and out of there, yesterday and this morning. I'm pretending not to notice. She was up on top of the TV cabinet, last night, though she hid when I came in, and also sat in the kitchen door and watched me for a couple minutes, so I'm a little more encouraged.

I bought a couple more cans of Science Diet hairball control formula today, and also a big bag of ridiculously expensive Royal Canine "Intense Hairball" dry chow, with the picture of a Birman cat on the front. Yup, that's her. And it seems to have helped in the past. If the size and amount of hairballs Dan has reported is any indication, she really, really needs this. It's too bad that she intensely hates the hairball gel. Ming loves the stuff, but she won't go near it, then gets upset and offended if you try to smear it on her, and won't speak to you for days. Which is probably one of the reasons why she's hiding, currently.
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