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Insanity time

I just had my schedule for the next couple weeks fully sink in. I've got a big release going out at work, and am seriously overcommited in every other area of my life. Life until December 15 (the Saturday after the Friday of doom) is going to be nutso. Talked to Andrew last night, and he's paralleling me (we even have a couple overlaps on our overcommits), because he's finishing his last quarter at UCSC, and finals are bearing down, he's overcommited too, etc. Guess what the cut-off date is for him? Yep, it's nutso until the 15th. (Of course, that weekend will be interesting in itself, in that Andrew's sister is going to be staying at my place while she does the Landmark Advanced Course, looking forward to talking food/cooking with me. I'm looking forward to that.) The weekend will be a reward for surviving the next couple weeks...

But until then...gaahhh.

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