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A weirder spam than normal

Ya just gotta love spammmers. They get more creative all the time. This time, it's Shamanic Spam. It has a picture of a guy in a feathered headdress and says "Shamanic Rituals Revealed Click Here" at the top. (Hmm, and I thought I could get those by reading books. I'm not hip to the new era, I guess.)

But as they say, "But wait! There's more!"

The next big banner says "Shamanic Witchcraft." Wow, two-for-one bang for your buck. "Learn to use the ancient shamanic powers from "BOTH" worlds!" Both? But why limit yourself? This is a spam marketing company, how about ALL worlds? BIG promises should be made! I'm surprised it wasn't "Shamanic New Age Witchcraft." Maybe we could throw in some alchemy and high magick, too?

And we have a BIG clickable bar, saying "Unlock the Shaman Within You" that probably allows those shamanic powers (zombie processes?) to take control of your computer. Wow, now that's Power!

And where the heck is Saint Kitts Nevis? Ah, a quick search reveals this missive originated in the Leeward Islands. Probably with a rich history of piracy.

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