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Finding My Bliss

I am sure that this is about as happy as I've ever been. I've been having a great time with a great guy who has a great sister, and he even helps me do major housecleaning tasks, and thinks it's FUN!! Lordie, I might find that hardwood floor under the 1970's living room carpet, like I've wanted to for years.

Andrew's sister as an utter sweetheart, and I'm looking forward to lots more time getting to know her, as well. She's asked to come by for a tamale-making party, sometime, so I'm jazzed over the idea for that, too. She wants to learn all about cooking from me, and also mentioned how she loves Little Women and wants to find more books to read like that, at which I pointed to the whole shelf of Peterson's Magazines and said she's going to have to read through a lot of my favorite stories. Grin. It's like meeting...wow, some version of Jana or Lia or the like, with whom I can really share things that inspire me. Hmm, like with Andrew. Wow, between the two, I have found an amazing companionship.

It's like I've been granted wishes for things I've wanted for ... well, most of my life. Wishes I was almost afraid to hope could be. I just hope I didn't sign any documents in blood in my sleep. Still, this kind of warmth and shared interests could actually be worth a little bit of my immortal soul, in the right context.

I woke up this morning with a warm and snuggly guy beside me (and a cat standing on me demanding breakfast), and his sister asleep on my couch, and felt like it didn't get much better than this. And she was appreciative of my Maui varietal coffee, which she said was so good. At noon, I made them some lunch and they helped me with the rest of the stuff I needed to get out of the driveway before the rain comes, and I showed off my bee hive. I guess I just feel like I've walked into all the best things of what I always wanted out of family and friends. It still feels fragile in my mind, like something that could shatter if you breath too hard, but underneath is a strange feeling of solid groundedness. Like living in this reality could actually be possible, and it's not a faerie promise, but real. I could hope so.

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