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We have passed the longest night, but it feels more to me like the morning of the solstice should be tomorrow. Which, considering the actual tip-point is later tonight, makes a certain amount of sense. I feel the solistice in my bones, somehow, always have. I think it's the Finnish heritage. The turn of one's year is important in the Northern climes. I dream of dark black nights, and ice sheets glittering under the light of a zillion stars, something buried in genetic memory, and await the day of Sunreturn.

After I hit solstice, I am good through Christmas Eve, the other important holiday. Forget Christmas, it's the evening before that signifies. Many memories of good times and poignant times spent with friends, and of course Mr. Scrooge. My tradition is to always connect with A Christmas Carol, because that's what the season is all about.

As one of those friends with whom I spent many Christmas Eves, I raise a toast to you, Lia, to walk with us either for Solstice or Christmas eve (yes, it was moved), when the departed return to earth to spend the long night with friends and kin, according to the Northern traditions.

And to traveller_blues, my honorary little brother, I wish him a happy birthday! We ride at the balances of the year, summer and winter solstice kids.

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