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Advantages of rain

Saturday's compact clubs (Civil War reenactors) meeting was canceled because of weather, and Andrew canceled his botanic garden tour walk for the same reason, so he came with me to the Norfolk Light Artillery dinner and meeting in Rohnert Park. Got along well with my friends, and they all said "Oh, we KNOW you'll be joining us..." He thinks they're cool. Good stuff.

So, the meeting let out by 2:30, and the weather was GOOD. Clouds but no rain. So we decided to go out to the coast, the "scenic route." The Gravenstein Highway was the route I chose, and I pointed out a site where we had done a Civil War reenactment, and the road to Bohemian Grove, etc. It was a great day, interesting with standing water on the fields. Lots of new calves, too. Just the other side of Valley Ford, we hit high standing water, and I started to realize that "Ford" was literal. But hey, I've got high clearance and 4-wheel drive, so we got through fine, spraying water to the sides of us. I admit I had way too much fun with it. Andrew said he wanted to be driving. Uh oh, we both like fording streams... The low valley the other side of Tomales was marked "Flooded," but we saw cars coming, so we took the chance, and there was NO water on the road, despite the stream beside it. Any flooding had receeded.

I drove to Tony's Seafood on Tomales Bay for Barbecued Oysters, but it was closed. So I turned around and went back to Marshall's General Store. Tony's is my favorite, but Marshall's is slightly cheaper, and it's informal, with you sitting out on the back deck, looking out at the harbor and fishing fleet. It was dead calm, and fairly warm. We ate our way through garlic bread and a dozen oysters, while watching ducks and cormorants, and watching the play of light across the bay and over Point Reyes. We muttered about not having a camera along, and have decided to leave Andrew's small camera in the car, so we can take photos on the spur of the moment. But it was strange, because I looked down at the bottle of cream soda, and even with a third of it consumed, foam was extruding from the top. Then it hit me. Dead calm, and the soda foaming? It was a serious low pressure area, literally in the eye of the storm. There were storms all around us, but we were sitting in pleasant weather, in the center. You couldn't ask for more!

We drove down the rest of Tomales Bay, past the oyster bed, and I was afraid I was going to give up the Point Reyes Winery, since it was going on 5 pm. But Andrew pointed out that it said open on the sign, still, so we cruised on in. We were the only ones there, but they were happy to see us, and we went through a tasting menu, accompanied by Pt. Reyes Blue Cheese. There, I found out Tony's was closed because he'd died earlier in the week, and everyone was at the memorial. But the sons had been running the place for years, so it was only a momentary closure. I got some claret, a bottle of champagne, and a couple bottles of dessert wine, and we were back on the road. It was getting dark, and Andrew fell asleep around San Anselmo, and slept most the way back to San Jose. Overall, a very good day.

Sunday, we hit housecleaning. Managed to get two stackable bookcases home from Cost Plus with only minimal rain on them, and now have more places for the books that are overflowing everywhere. I keep saying I need to winnow the books out, but it's hard! I did a dinner of brussells sprouts with balsamic, codfish and shrimp in a sauce of dilled our cream and spaghetti squash shreds, and baby potatos with rosemary and garlic. With Point Reyes Claret. And then we watched Princess Mononoke on DVD. Much better than the planned yardwork. A rain weekend can be fun!

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