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Blech, this latest flu is NASTY...

Whatever this latest flu is, it definitely ranks up there in the top-five all-time-nasty bugs I've ever had. It's the two days of acid poured down your throat, the earaches, feeling you're going to pass out just from walking to the bathroom, and coughing up your lungs that really takes it to a new dimension. Oh, and being unable to talk. But with your throat with the acid eating it out, you don't want to, anyway.

I have part of a voice back. I'm still coughing up my lungs, and I hardly slept last night, I coughed so much, despite Nyquil and cough medicine. At least the earaches are gone.

They haven't used the word "epidemic" in the news yet, but when they say "widespread in 49 out of 50 states" you know it's really going around. And that's just the cases where people actually see a doctor.

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