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Calvin's Cheesesteak Heaven

Calvin's Philly Cheesesteaks is back!!!

This man (whose real name is actually something like Latelle, not Calvin, who taught him to make The Best Philly Cheesesteaks on the Planet) is a legend. People who have frequented Calvin's who are FROM Philly swear his are better than the best ones you can get in Philly.

Years ago, he lost his lease on the Alameda, near the Towne Theater. He moved to Santa Clara, who essentially ran him out of town with niggling regulations ("you need to raise the wall between you and the apartment building by 3 feet..." "Why didn't the bakery that was here before have to do that?" "Because they were a bakery, and you're a sandwich shop...") He opened last in Willow Glen, thinking he was going to train his son to take over, and his son flaked on him. He finally closed that one, and was theoretically going to retire.

Well, anticipation has been building in the neighborhood, ever since we saw the sign go up two doors down from where he was on The Alameda, back in 1991. It's really Calvin's, because his picture is up on the window. (He's one of those ageless black men who could be any age between 45 and 1000, and very distinctive.) It opened last Saturday. I've been salivating for a cheesesteak all week, and am gathering friends to go get the Cheesesteaks of the Gods tonight after work.

I anticipate this being something that will be a weekly occurrence...at least until I start gaining noticable weight!

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