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Sigh, no Gettysburg...

I guess the Powers Over All have decreed that I should not be at the 140th Gettysburg reenactment, but why did they have to do it in such a dramatic way? Basically, the entire weather this year has been screwy, and the site has flooded/swamped out. I had been getting some odd "high odds of death awaits you at Gettysburg" messages off the astral, but figured that was a past life memory, or the site aura, or something. But what is interesting is that I stopped getting them about the time the decision was made to not have it.

It's been Postponed, and I can't make the new date. Here's the info from the web.

"This decision was reached after extensive consultation with state and local emergency management officials, and after reviewing the extremely wet turf conditions. These conditions make it impossible to access the site, or to finalize preparations for the site and infrastructure necessary for the event. Additionally, the National Weather Service 15-day forecast does not show significant relief from the current conditions. There are few, if any, sites on the east coast that would be capable of handling an event of this scope and size under the current weather conditions. It was determined that the only reasonable, responsible and prudent course of action was to reschedule the event to August 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2003. This decision to reschedule the event was made with serious regard to planning, public safety and protecting the integrity of this much-anticipated and significant national event.

The principal event landowner, David Redding, has stated that he had never experienced any May and June like this in his 53 years of farming. His 85-year-old uncle who farms nearby confirms he has never experienced this kind of spring in his lifetime. Crop farmers are in an extremely critical situation and are at least several weeks away, under extremely ideal conditions, from being able to access their fields to plant or harvest. There is a serious hay shortage as a result."

Okay, once again, I'm being kept away from Gettysburg (when I was 4, my mother had to forgo the visit because "I don't know what was wrong with you, you just wouldn't stop screaming..."). Maybe I'm just not supposed to visit the site of my Civil War nightmares. I'm disappointed, but that sense of dread that was nagging at me has vanished...

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