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Happy Spring!

Right on cue, for Spring Equinox and Easter, my Seven Sisters rose is throwing some nice deep red roses, among the pale ones. Two open, and three buds. I theorize that it's a lunar cycle thing, as the reds usually show up for Easter, whenever Easter happens to be. But it's really nifty to have a couple for the Equinox, this year!

And so, we come now to the time of everything starting to grow apace, as the northern hemisphere starts its tilt toward the sun, buds open, birds sing, and spring comes upon us. Of course, it being California, the plum tree has already bloomed, as has the apricot, the borage is in full bloom, and the spring and summer snowflakes have been blooming for months. And some of the daffodils have already finished. But I look forward to the irises, which are still to come!
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