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Civil War at Las Mariposas

The Mariposa school program last Friday went off amazingly. We had 900 kids, by the count, and were having to turn away more, who wanted to come at the last minute. Things were being totally confused in the beginning, and I just stepped in and started trying to sort out the groups that were getting mixed up, when folks were due to rotate through to the next session, etc. Next thing I knew, I was getting handed a radio and made official, which was fine by me. I had a blast with it, and was partly doing artillery, lecturing on my Parrott Rifle, partly helping run the show. By afternoon, everything was running like clockwork.

Good turnout on this one, with three clubs represented. Huge site, which I've loved from the first, with rolling hills, oak trees, and rock piles. Very Virginia. Andrew took to reenacting like a duck to water, and is going to make a good gunner in a very short time. Heck, on pick and prime, he already is, and looks really snappy, too. Our cannon line commanded the high ground, with four CSA cannon and two mortars, and literally had a 360 view of the site. We covered 180 degrees, the full battlefield. I fixed Saturday dinner, as well, got my usual rave reviews.

Saturday night we wandered over to the Cock and Pull It (their sign has two chickens loading a rifle) and got some home-brewed sarsparilla, which was fantastic. (This after hours club features period gambling games, and period food and beverages.) There were a zillion stars out, and the moon wasn't rising until later, so it was quite gorgeous. Sunday morning, Andrew made hash from the leftovers of beef a la mode and the potatos. Hmm, not a bad camp cook. Sunday I even managed to attend church call, and get everything done along the way. A good event, overall!

The organizers aspire to have this be the biggest and best Civil War reenactment west of the Mississippi, and I hope they succeed! I know I'll be a big supporter of it!

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