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Capital One and Deceptive Marketing

Well, isn't it interesting what you find when you go out on the net?

It would appear that Capital One is being sued for deceptive marketing practices. Apparently, while they advertise one thing, they quietly do another. "It's a business decision." Has nothing to do with payment history, credit rating, etc. This apparently started in 2007, the increases in fees and rates. I lost my card about the time this went into effect, and had to get a new one issued, so I might have "accidentally" gotten a delay on the jump because of getting a new number issued.

Apparently, they are also closing card accounts that haven't been used for a while. The theory is that people who have other issues, like making their mortgage payments, might try to use that 0-balance card to keep themselves afloat, and then they might default at some point down the road.

The bottom line is that bankers will always be bankers, and attempt to maximize profit. We consumers are just suckers (as opposed to them, who are bottom feeders).

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