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Off to Karfluki, Saturday

So I grabbed Jordan and Michelle and went off to Karfluki Fest. The drive was long, but we got in some great conversation along the way. Andrew unfortunately had to work, but hey, there is next year. It took me until year 3 to get there, myself. Danced my little feet off, bought a bunch of CDs, and enjoyed much good music. Also got my hair done into an amazing confection of french braids. The *original lineup* of Tempest played, with Showie (Mark Showalter) back for the first time since 1989. And strangely, as I was dancing to everyone, I hadn't changed, myself. It was just suddenly 1989 again, and I was there at a Tempest concert... I had talked to Ian Butler while I was dancing earlier, and he remembers me well, enough that he was kidding Showie about "Hey, don't you remember Jane, who was always there, back in the beginning?"

It was a 3 hour drive home, so we left shortly after 9, and missed the last set and the fire dancers, but oh well, the rest of the day was fantastic! Great conversation on the way home, too.

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