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Weekend ventures

Friday night, I drove south on my own, since Andrew had to work. Arrived at the Dana Adobe a little after midnight, and rolled out my bedroll in the back of my truck, slept comfortably under a near-full moon. In the morning, I wandered over to the mountain men and bummed a cup of coffee, then went to get set up for the baking demo. This kept me busy for the rest of the day, despite the fact that the adove oven (horno) wasn't heating up well. I managed to make some (slightly undercooked) cinnamon bread, which was a hit, some plain bread (made with my home-grown bread sponge), and some raisin bread. I took some samples of the cinnamon bread over to the guys selling pulled pork sandwiches (mighty tasty), and ended up with them giving me a roasted ear of corn. There are advantages to being the cook! After thing shut down, I found I still had an unbaked loaf of raisin bread, so I simply packed it, bowl and all, for later use. I socialized with the mountain men for a while over some stew, then drove back home. I was able to get in by 10 pm, which was quite amazing. Left time for some chatting with Dan and Andrew.

Andrew and I spent a lazy Sunday puttering around the house (I baked the overrisen and fallen raisin loaf, which was pronounced quite tasty despite it). I went off and did shopping while he worked on his photo albums, then we went over to the Rosicrucian for Free Museum Day. It's been reorganized a lot since I was last there. They are now featuring some of the high-tech analysis work that has been done on their mummies. I kind of miss the fact that the fakes have been put away. Some are still around, but there are new terms like "failance necklaces, mixed periods up to modern," or "modern era." They had a great free show in the planetarium, about the Mithraic mysteries being based on changes in the night sky, that became noticable about 100 BCE. Afterward, it was too nice to finish checking out the museum, so we lounged around in the garden, then took a long walk through the neighborhood, and bought some dinner at the Las Palmas Taqueria. One just needs a nice relaxing day, sometimes.

I feel like I accomplished a lot, over the weekend, though. I actually did, it's just not conventional accomplishment...

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