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The eBay worm turns

I doubt that anyone at eBay estimated the scale of the cries of pain from their latest policy changes, not just from the small sellers, but also "power sellers" who suddenly realize that the changes are screwing them, too. And I admit I'm rather enjoying watching it all unfold. They were getting arrogant over there, and some of their employees have been openly bragging to people I know that they're essentially a monopoly, but they can't be hit by anti-trust suits because "we're too important to the economy." Oh really. My, watch that inflated sense of worth. You too can see how the mighty can fall.

From one of the eBay boards:
"Here is what some cronies at Ebay said about the recent Feedback Changes:

"What you fail to understand is that ebay execs are creating a new ebay--a shopping mall, with many major retailers who don't care much about feedback. Because Ebay knows they can count on those retailers to keep Ebay alive and well, the few hundred small sellers who are upset enough to leave really doesn't matter financially. You'll be replaced by more retailers.

I imagine soon Ebay will do away with seller's ability to leave to feedback at all. The site will simply convert to a "rate this business" site, like other sites on the net.

You can boycott and protest all you want. But Ebay execs have made up their minds. People have been protesting and boycotting for the last three months and Ebay hasn't backed down. No other boycotts of the past were successful either. Ebay is changing and the execs really don't care if you like it or not. For a protest to be successful, you have to convince the execs that they need you. They think you're expendible. They can afford to lose you. You're just noise, like a pesky fly buzzing around the room. Can you convince them that Ebay needs you?"

Hmm, if I notice the boards, and figure each entry on those boards represents a dozen sellers who aren't talking, including powersellers, the landslide has started. Also, a lot of sellers who also own eBay stock are talking of selling it. Come to think of it, I started selling my eBay stock, myself, about the time the changes were announced, and really ought to think of dumping the rest of it (only a couple hundred shares, but hey...). Because I think the fall of eBay has definitely started. And I doubt they will realize it was brought on by their own arrogance toward their customers. You know, customers, the people who pay them for the privilege of selling on their site. Yeah, those people.

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