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Circe has rejoined the world

After months of turning into Ghost Cat, after the back-to-back incidents of the Visit to the Vet, the Evil Bag Monster, and Andrew Moves In--How Could You?, Circe has fully forgiven me and rejoined the world.

It started small, with her walking into the living room and staring at me, a month or so back. Then she finally deigned to be petted. Finally, she has started coming into the living room and demanding to be brushed again, mrowing and arcing her back, before going up to "the petting place" on top of the TV cabinet. She even chin-rubbed me and purred while getting brushed, this weekend. Last night, she slept next to me on the bed. (Andrew was at his folks' place). I think she's decided I'm okay again. It's taken six months. Cats are funny that way.
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