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Yet another synchronicity wave...

Yes, there are indeed only 1000 people in the universe. I've been hit by some startling demonstrations in the past few days.

Start with a discussion of glassblowing. It turns out that Andrew's mother was probably in my glassblowing class at Cal Poly. It's not enough that I was at the party where his parents met, she was probably in a class with me. So I start talking about George Jersiche (which I have probably misspelled, but will correct later), who taught the class. Well, not two days later, I walk into the Palo Alto Glass and Clay Festival, and who's there? George! And he says he remembers my face, I was one of his first students... Whooo, this is serious synchronicity. We chat for a long time, and I also buy some of his work, a glass lobster and a glass sea anemone. (He's doing sea life, currently.)

So, I had updated my Classmates profile last week, too. And last week had been talking about John McKinney, my best friend from 5th grade, and the crazy stuff we did. Well, this morning, there is a message for me in my Classmates mailbox. John has read my profile, and is talking aobut doing cannon when he was working at Fort Ross. Which probably means he knows a good number of my friends, who have been involved there, over the years. I've dropped him a note mentioning as much. This is getting to be almost uncanny, the way the paths are crossing and recrossing...
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