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And Yet More Civil War

Okay, some of us playing the fantatic or what? I was at the latest Civil War event, our Duncan's Mills one that we do jointly with the other club, hosted by the California Historical Artillery Society (Yankees), and a lot of the others who were at Gettysburg were too wiped to go. I understand Joseph, who drove the 3" Ordnance Rifle out and back, but the ACWA guys? (Joseph did deliver and pick up the Ordnance Rifle for the event.) Melanie was there, and she even drove out and back with her family (and a broken air conditioner). Richard, who flew, was there. I flew, was stuck in Atlanta for a day, but no biggie. But no ACWA or James River guys who flew, except one.

Me, Andrew and I happily got on the road Friday morning, got through SF before traffic, stopped for a late lunch in Bodega Bay (avoiding Santa Rosa traffic), got in and set up camp, then went to dinner with folks at the Union Hotel in Occidental. Two great days of Civil War with better organization than I've seen before, about the right number of Confederate cannon for the site (four and a mortar) rather than the usual dozen, and great weather.

I was, however, aware of the difference between the ACWA group and ours, when I looked over at one of the other gun sergeants and she was wearing a charcoal grey artillery jacket, blue jeans, faire boots, her hair down, and a tricorn hat. Someone commented she had skull-and-crossbones earrings, too. Um right. Supposed to be off a Confederat raider? Far be it for me to complain, but... Not quite as bad as the year I found I was filling my canteen next to Captain Jack Sparrow, but...

Good event, even if the Yankees can't follow instructions. Two battles, they were supposed to charge our lines, and occupy a ditch halfway across the field. But that would mean charging our lines. They hung back until they were out of ammo, then said they couldn't take the ditch, because they had no ammo for supporting fire. Sigh. Even the attempted redo, the next day, it went pretty much the same.

Andrew and I set up the bigger tent, which requires two people to do it. I do like this tent, in that you can have your bedroll out and still have plenty of room to walk and to put your gear. We also put up the smaller A-frame, which meant we had an ammo tent, and didn't have to sleep with the powder. This is always a Good Thing.

On the way back, we stopped and got some oysters and crab cakes in Bodega Bay, and in a moment of whimsy, I stopped at Eoin MacKenzie's in Petaluma. He and Harriet were delighted to see us, and this was good for a two hour stop. Andrew said something about meeting the "legendary" Eoin MacKenzie, and Eoin laughed it off, but he realized just talking to him for a short while that everything I'd told him was true. I need to stop by more often. It's always fun to see them.

I pulled up in front of Michelle's, partially blocking her driveway, while I turned on lights at the house and fed the cats. I went looking for Andrew to help me get the cannon into the driveway (it's got such unworkable maneuverability that you basically get it partially lined up with the car, then take it off the hitch and bounce the tongue to tweak the orientation, then push it by hand. There is an inch of clearance on either side, no more). He was sound asleep, fallen splat on the bed, fully dressed. Woke him up apologetically, got the cannon dealt with, then left the rest of unloading. for this morning.

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