Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Gettysburg, day 2 evening (Part III continued)

I just have to keep plugging away at getting this written...

When last we wrote, we were about to engage the Enemy in battle, and it was raining pretty hard. Well, it kept raining. We hung back in the tree line until we had something to shoot at, then posted to the guns. For crews that mostly hadn't worked together before, we were pretty smooth. Liked the opportunity to acquire targets and call out ranges and shell types. Unfortunately, we were given the opportunity to take hits (they said the artillery took heavy fire in this action), but by the time it looked like anyone was aiming at us, the battle was over. But at least we'd been deployed! It was now almost 8 pm in the evening. Yes, the battle was at 7, and tomorrow, we wouldn't be called in until 6. They do late battles in Pennsylvania...

Fortunately, because the cars had been conveniently stashed out of sight in a copse of trees, we didn't have to battle traffic to get them to the cannons, but we did hook them up and wait for the visitor traffic to clear a bit. It was raining enough that the idea of leaving cannon on the field, with a guard posted during the night, didn't appeal to anyone. We eventually got them back up to the cannon park and rolled into camp just in time for dinner, pasta with meat sauce. I inhaled a tin plate full, and went back for seconds, slowing down a little on this one. Mmm, food can be very good after a hard day of fighting in the rain. Took care of a few details in camp, then headed out to the car in the parking lot. It was getting dark, and I saw a silver burst of fireworks over the horizon. Someone was shooting off skyrockets.

I thought there was dazzle in my eyes, when I looked down, because I kept seeing dancing flashing lights, almost unreal. And kept seeing them. And then realized what I was actually seeing, this little flashing green-white glow. It was fireflies. Zillions of fireflies. The whole site was alive with fireflies! It was utterly magical!

I had a hike to find the car, and it's a good thing it had a remote key thing, so I could see where it was when the lights flashed. It was a huge parking lot. I headed out, and immediately got lost, this time. I turned a road too soon, and suddenly nothing looked familiar. I went past some houses and barns and...Yankee tents? Somehow I had gotten turned around and was behind Yankee camp! At that point, I watched fireworks start going off. Guess the Yankees were celebrating the 4th of July! Turning my back on the fireworks, I retraced my path to the original road, and headed back into Gettysburg, and my hotel room with bed and hot shower.

I hung my shirt and uniform to dry (maybe), took a shower, and called Andrew. "I'm soaked to the skin, muddy to the knees, and very blissed out! It was a fun day!" After giving him details, I fell into bed and slept deeply until the alarm went off the next morning. I looked out, expecting to see it raining. It was dry! I was ecstatic. I was a little less enthused when I put on my damp uniform (with a different, dry, shirt). But hey, I was at the Gettysburg reenactment! And there was hot coffee downstairs in the lobby. I chatted with some other reenactors while I was there, then I headed back to the site for another day of battles.

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