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Migraines getting weirder

Okay, first it was the ocular migraines in the '80's, which seemed to be linked to aspartame. Then it was the good old hormonal migraines, with a slight facial tic that I could feel, but no one could see. Lately it's been the "ooh, pretty aura colors!" migraines. And now I have a new manifestation.

I started getting a migraine this afternoon, and took aspirin. It's mostly gone, but the aura has now started doing a reasonable impersonation of novocaine in my upper jaw, right about at the time where it's not quite numb, but starting to make your nose itch. A slight shimmery quality around the nose and upper lip. This is the weirdest one yet.

And I think Andrew has something when he commented it's sort of like migraines are a software error of some sort, rather than a hardware problem. The more I learn about them, the more I notice science still doesn't know a whole heck of a lot about them. They're kind of a black box.
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