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Guess we're official...

Well, I have filed an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership with my employer, which is currently being processed. This is the first step in adding Andrew into my insurance, etc. HR considers it the same as adding a spouse, in a lot of ways. (I love California!) You just have to file the legal affidavit that states you have resided together for at least 6 months, are responsible for each other, etc.

It's somewhere in the legal status between dating and actually being married. In short, we have a standing in the eyes of the law, now. And a tax liability. (I've read the fine print.) Legal responsibility linkages lite, we'll call it. Hmm, one step down the path to perdition. Part of me likes the idea, and the radical Victorian, who distrusts most contracts because they involve the Government, has little alarm bells sounding. But I'm worried because they are very distant. Shouldn't I be feeling more alarm at this, rather than actually feeling good about it, like I'm doing the right thing? You know, I really do have something akin to paranoia involving anything to do with the legal system...

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