Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Chaos's graduation

Well, yesterday I went to see chaoswolf graduate from high school. I am still amazed at how so many folks can miss each other in a crowd that wasn't *that* big. However, for a bonus, I ended up standing at the back, right where the grads were entering and exiting. I had come prepared and brough a large sunhat *and* my Indonesian parasol. A lot of folks were sweltering, and I kept giving them temporary shade. Well, I heard one lady mutter she had forgotten her sunblock, so I held the parasol her way. She thought I looked familiar, and it turned out she was one of Chaos' friends, Michelle by name. Talk about fortunate coincidence! (There are no coincidences...) And we were right next to where she was coming through.

We whooped and hollered for her as she crossed the stage, and managed an intercept as she was coming out. Michelle had flowers, and I had a silly plastic lei. I think getting them to her was something of a joint effort, with the crowd! Afterward, I found everyone else, but lost Michelle in the crowd! (She had another graduation to go to, though.) It's great to see Chaos graduate. Welcome to the adult world, kid!

I had walked over, and walked back to my place. On the way back, I was a little startled by my shadow. I had furled and stowed my parasol, and thrust it through the belt portion of my fanny pack (yeah, like a sword). I looked at the shadow of someone with a projecting shoulderline (shoulder pads), a big hat, and this swordlike thing, and it looked like the shadow of a wandering ronin! If I'd had a haori over the dress, to complete the sleeve shadow, it would have been complete (but it was too hot). Hmmm.

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