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Garage, part 2

We tackled the other half of the garage, this weekend. A lot of it is currently sitting in the driveway, as a lot of boxes are falling apart and need to be replaced. (There is a huge midden of dead boxes piling up.) Not a lot of surprises on this side, as most boxes were gone through before. However, I really need to sort out everything from old copies of magazines for which I wrote articles (ca. 1980's) to collectible copies of the excellent but long-defunct House and Garden magazine, to Civil War newsletters from 1985. Some of the items are definitely eBay or garage sale material. I did find one unsorted box from my father's place that appeared to never have been touched, and a mystery instrument. It was a dulcimer, in somewhat abused condition, that had been reworked from four to three strings. Huh. It rings no bells to me.

We also cleared out another possum nest, this time without any dead possum bodies. There were a couple rat nests, too. When we replace boxes, they will definitely be placed with cat patrol-space behind, so we can send Ming and Jiro out to eliminate squatters. Also, a lot of them will be replaced with plastic contruction crates. Let's not make this easy.

How much camping gear do I have??? I seem to have a tent I'd forgotten (vintage), a square portable fly, a small dome tent (which I'd been looking for), an SCA fly, and the old 8x12 dome tent I used to use for SCA in the '80's. Add in several modern camp chairs, a modern cot, and a couple boxes of modern camping gear. This isn't even near what I have for Civil War and Mountain Man camping. But I found some surprises on that, as well. I knew I had the unit desk, but I seem to have two boxes of kitchen gear, plus a couple gunnysacks full of unit mess stuff (hmm, useful for modern camping). And a barrel marked "U.S." full of modern camp gear, and a concealer box for a water jug. I think the last two are actually mine, as I vaguely remember buying them from Moose and Woody, respectively. This is in addition to the stuff I take to events on a variable basis. And it's nice to find the modern camping stuff. I knew it was somewhere!

We also temporarily hooked up the drier in the front of the garage, until we can get the old one out and through the maze and up the stairs. (The washer was pain enough...) There is a 220 outlet in the garage, though we found out that it had some very old style plug that didn't fit the washer. Andrew rewired it with the correct outlet, and now we have a drier again, though I admit I kind of like hanging stuff on the line. It always smells so good! But the rainy season is coming, and it's nice to have a heating drier again, even if you have to use it in the garage!

I built a new nesting area for Bianca in the chicken run, using bricks, plywood, a couple powder boxes, and a metal shelf. Found materials! The old nest box, which she loved, is made of cardboard, and was collapsing on itself. They still haven't been convinced to use the inside coop, though they explore it. They were also peeking through the wire at us from inside it, as we worked on the garage. Maybe now that they are getting more light in there, they will use it.

Along the way, we also pulled out all the dry corn stalks in the garden. Nice yard decorations! We have a pile of seed corn for next year, in various interesting types and colors, some dent corn, some sweet, and some---interesting. I've never seen strawberry-blonde-colored sweet corn before. I think we got some fascinating cross-pollination. Got our first crop of autumn radishes, too. The lettuce is starting to look like lettuce. There are still cherry tomatos, but fewer of them. The cucumbers are bearing their little hearts out, and we ate two of them over the weekend, and still have two in the fridge. The pumpkin is starting to color. It won't be a Halloween pumpkin, but should make a respectable pie for around Thanksgiving.

Now to get all the garage junk sorted and back inside...before any rain comes in!

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