Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Harry Potter can wait...

I keep thinking of folks meeting the boat in America, to find out if Dickens' Little Nell had died...

Friends are shocked, shocked I say, to find that though I profess a love of Harry Potter, I haven't even pre-ordered and don't feel a need to buy the book on the day it comes out. It would be a nice birthday gift to myself, but hey...the way my life is, it will probably be some time before I can get to reading it. And I don't care who she kills off---I'M NOT LISTENING TO SPOILERS. So hey, I'll get to it at my own time. I might even save it as a special treat for later.

But then, this is the person who discovered Sherlock Holmes at age 10, but managed to dole out Holmes stories to herself for *years*, just so I could savor each one for a long time. I pretty much matched Doyle's writing schedule. I started at 10 (with "The Red-Headed League,") and finally read "East Wind Coming" when I was in college. I know, it's more restraint that most are capable of. ;-) Of course, then I discovered August Derleth and "Solar Pons"...

So, I will get to Harry Potter's latest episode, but in my own time.

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