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She's back, and Valentine's Day report

I have been really out of posting here, lately. Since I've been unemployed, it seems to take a lot effort to do Live Journal. I have to get on the computer (which often involves preempting Kash on the physical cable, since my computer doesn't have a wireless interface, and his does but it doesn't seem to work, lately), logging in, slogging through my email, logging onto job and networking sites and trying to get my resume out to as many opportunities as possible. By then, I don't feel terribly much like romping around here. But I'm here, now!

Yesterday was interesting, in that first thing was a Valentine card from Andrew, which had the first of a series of clues in it, for a "treasure hunt" around the house. "Earl Scruggs rubs my tummy?" Say huh? Don't give me clues to solve before I've had my coffee! A cup later, I was starting to process a bit better, and realized it was taking me to Andrew's banjo. The second clue was still a "huh, duh?" for a few minutes, but then I started having my brain function again. There were several more clues, including a cartoon, which finally took me to the promissory for my Valentine's Day gift, a fishing license. (Yay, clamming at the coast! Fishing in streams if I can find my trout rod again...) However, I have found that asking me to solve riddles and clues at an early hour is best not tackled without a couple cups of coffee under my belt.

Then we went out for a nice lunch at the Great Mall (Indonesian food), and a matinee of "Coraline."

Coraline was fantastic, and the 3D was well done, non-intrusive non-gimmick stuff that blended nicely with the overall tale. I love the snapdragons in the enchanted garden. Seemed like there were more than a few nods to "Pan's Labyrinth" embedded in it, too. Be careful of the Otherworld: it can be a place as much brutal as magical. Unlike with "Pan," this of course has a happy ending, though it's a cautionary tale of being careful what you wish for. The "Music Hall" sequence with the old sisters from downstairs is probably the showstopper, and both fun and hysterically funny at times. As a matter of fact, these old ladies and their pet Scotties, really steal the show, in a marvelously macabre way, at times. "It's a claw!" "No, it's a giraffe!" has already become a joke around the house.

When I found out, in referencing Neil Gaiman, that Andrew had never seen "Stardust," I ended up pulling it out and playing it last night. Fun to watch again, and while it takes some liberties with the book, including in the timeframes things take, it's still a heck of a lot of fun to watch.

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