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Finally melting down

The stress of not knowing where my next job is coming from finally hit overload, today. I ranted and raged over not doing enough, not being enough, and furthermore, I was supposed to be the breadwinner, and goddamit, I have a mortgage and three cats, two humans, and three hens depending on me to keep a roof over their heads, and if this economy keeps up, where is this all going to be?

I've really been trying not to fret and worry, but it's mostly just pushed to the back of my conciousness. I have plan A and B for surviving a few more months, but I'm also aware that I should really have started to sell stuff on eBay weeks ago. And start figuring out what else I can do that won't endanger my unemployment, but create a cash stockpile.

I also figured out that I deal with the stressors by buying food. Feeling threatened? Go buy 25 lbs of flour and start baking bread. I've got rice and pasta put away like I'm planning for a famine. I buy bulk sausages if I'm really feeling like I need comfort. And cat food. I keep socking away cat food. At least, if everything goes totally to hell, we'll be eating, us and the cats. And eating reasonably well, actually. It will be other stuff that takes the stress. How we cope is interesting.

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