Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Last man standing...

It's getting to that end game time, when most of my close friends from a certain era of my life seem to be dropping off. It's even more unnerving when I think that most of them were younger than me. First it was Stripes, who was just a little older, and didn't make it out of his thirties. Then it was Martin. Others, here and there.

But then it was a collection of amazing and talented women, two of whom were my closest friends, and one my best friend from college.

And then we rested, sort of...

And now we add another one. Michael-san, the six-foot-two samurai. Who always was irreverent and fun to be around. Former LAPD cop, Federal Marshal, and all around good guy. He and Jana dated briefly, and I think he's partly where she got her interest in Japanese culture, that both of us fed. I expected him to go on forever, and now another one who's younger than I am has died. In his case, it was a massive stroke.

I'm starting to feel weird about this, like I'm part of a cohort from some earlier era of history, where people didn't make it to see 60. My mother always said that if you made it to 60, you were good for at least anothe 15 years. I'm unnerved how many of my circle are barely making it to 50, if that.
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