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And as of there weren't enough going on...

The Department of Unemployment is being a bitch.

Okay, it's my fault. I lost the envelope with my form in my car for two weeks, and didn't realize it hadn't gotten mailed with the rest of the stuff, because it fell down behind/beside the seat. So it was just over two weeks later that I found it, panicked, and got it into the mail. And because of this, they've suspended my checks until they can review my case. THE END OF THIS MONTH. It was an honest mistake, but this means a two month interruption, minimum, and I've got COBRA to pay, and a mortgage, and property taxes coming due. Can you say stressed? Sure you can.

I've pulled out every rabbit in the hat I can, and I can't even get near to talking to someone. I've even gone through "connections" in high places, and even the politicos can't get into the UDD to talk to a real person. Dammit, it was a stupid but honest mistake. I didn't mean to lose the damned thing. But hey, we have ways of making you suffer... If I can't get through by Friday (don't ask how many calls I've made), I will go into the office and stand in line all day, if necessary.
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