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EDD frustration

I won't get into all the details, but I am convinced that the state EDD is gaming the system. I just got an interview to supposedly reinstate my claim after one form got lost. But now they are claiming I refused work, and have put me on suspension again. Even going to the office and talking to people has only been an exercise in futility. They can't do anything until the interview in three weeks. Three weeks, still no money. I have to talk to someone again. Thank god I have copies of all my forms, that I made "just in case" so I can prove that no wrong boxes were checked. But I have been spending all my time fighting the office bureaucracy.

Call me cynical and suspicious, but I'm sure it's so that they don't deplete the pool of money, because the State is broke. Don't pay until you have to, and delay as long as possible...

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