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Where do my days go?

It seems like I'm spending way too much time on the net, without accomplishing anything. Most of it is job-search-related. And upgrading and customizing resumes and cover letters, and researching leads, etc. Which hasn't accomplished a whole lot.

Then I go out and work in the yard or something, to get my mind back. Run some errands. Fix food. Do useful things around the house. And poof, the day is gone. And I haven't really accomplished anything with real meaning.

Oh, and I spent almost a full day trying to figure out a way to get my old modem-driven laptop (running Windoze 98) (which only has an external floppy and a phone connection) to communicate with a more up to date computer system. Hah. I need a friend who has more expertise in networking, I suspect. Who will work for food or drink or something. I've got a lot of important writing stuff on that old laptop. You would think there would be a way to simply convert floppies to talk via another port, but not so far as I can figure... I'm also realizing I need a system that runs Linux, as I am going to go insane if I have to deal with nothing but Windoze-based schlock... At least I don't have to deal with Vista...yet.
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