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Oh what a race we run...

I haven't been logging in much. So far in the past two weeks:
Went to Disneyland
Went to "Art of the Samurai" in Santa Ana
Did yardwork at the house in Cambria
Redid resume because of an opening a friend flagged me on. Got a call wanting to set up an interview when the correct person gets back from the field, next week. (Yah!)
Got ready for 3 days of Civil War, and took Andrew's father with me up to Mariposa
Participated in the school program and two days of battles
Got all the equipment back put away, laundry done, etc
And asked "Why is there water on the kitchen floor?" and found the pipes had gone south
Took plumbing apart.
Worked on the garden. Maintained the chicken coop and turned the compost.
Assisted at a Landmark Forum evening
Tried getting sink fixed. Had wrong parts, and went back to Orchard Supply to get them. Can't get a fitting loose. Had friends over for dinner---with no working sink. Cleaned up dishes using sink like a farmhouse dry sink. Good thing I do historical cooking... It was a great evening, though.
Got a new chicken from the Humane Society, courtesy of Carla, and introduced her into the flock.
Got Kat's stuff packed into my truck to go to her new place in Redmond. Tomorrow, we start the trek for the Pacific Northwest. Who would have thought it was going to rain this weekend? I've tarped everything well, so hopefully it will weather it well.
When I get back, I get to see about that interview and start preparing for the event at the Petaluma Adobe...

Keeping in motion...

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