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When life gets intense...

Finally, I get to draw a moment's breath.

I took a four-day trip to Seattle (Redmond, actually) to deliver gothdaughter Kat's stuff, mostly kitchen things. Monsoons on the way up, and on the way back. Monday was interesting crossing the passes in Southern Oregon, as there were high winds, and it was like sailing a ship. At least I didn't have to worry about if there were things under a tarp that could get soaked...

And came back to my neighbor having an issue with my bees. Seems a swarm colonized his wall and his wife is allergic. Not known if they came from my hive, but I have arranged for another place for the bees, so they don't have to worry, now that the swarm has been removed. I took apart the hive yesterday, and today I'm elbow deep in bees and honey. It's going to be interesting work, moving that hive, since it's on the roof...

And I'm prepping for the Petaluma Adobe living history. Oh joy of joys. Just one more thing to add in. I somehow agreed to have tea with a friend tomorrow, when I really ought to be working on any number of things, but I suppose I can spare an hour for socializing. I just feel like I'm slacking, doing it. I've got a lot on my plate for this week, and am still catching up from four days away.

This post only touches the top layer of what I have to do...

Off to Marilyn's for dinner, then over to Starport to check in...
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