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Being the go-to support person

It takes a lot of effort to be a stand for people. I am starting to wonder, though, if there is just some black hovering cloud in the universal karma, lately? Seems like I'm having to be there for a whole lot of people who are trying to cope with life dealing them a pile of manure. Yep, you can make compost, but it still takes a lot of effort. And then someone like me needs to tend the garden.

Highlights: My friend Scott, dealing with his very ill elderly mom, who was never the easiest to deal with even when she was healthy, Shula and the landlords and the cutback in her SSI benefit and various other issues, oh my... And the kid next door with the alcoholic mom and melodrama...

I want the world to sort itself out. And maybe create a few tech jobs as well. Though I am available for people because I'm not working, currently...
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