Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Has it been this long?

Wow, I haven't been out here for a while... I think time gets away from you when you have no structure (still unemployed).

I'm here now. And my computer got stripped and upgraded over at Starport last night so that it's actually reasonably functional, for perhaps the first time since I got it. A lot of extra RAM being added helped. And some great upgrades with real tools, and not the junk it came with.

Quick summary of recent activities:
Andrew and Kash and I laid a new brick walkway at the front of the house, going from the driveway to the front walk. It looks fantastic. Has a nice pad over by the drive for people to get in and out of vehicles, too. Mottled buff colored bricks.

Hiked to Half Dome at Yosemite. I say "to" because I conked out just below getting to the chains. It was hard, but a person's got to know their limitations, and this was not a day to summit. Even Andrew and Chris Phoenix had a time with the chains, so I don't feel like it was a bad decision. Just a hard one. I figure I'll try again another time, when we can leave from "base camp" at Little Yosemite early in the day. As it was, we didn't get started until almost 7 am, and it's a heck of a hike. We came back down from somewhere below Nevada Falls in darkness, with flashlights. It was really cool to stop by Vernal Falls for a ten minute rest in deep darkness, lit only by the stars overhead.

And there are more baby chicks. I raised these from eggs purchased from a breeder in Texas. Silkies and Showgirls, the naked-necked silkie hybrid. They are ridiculously cute. We got three silkies and four showgirls, and it looks like we will get a couple in "partridge" (grey/brown mix) and buff/brown. Unknown at this point the ratio of boys to girls. I'm hoping Mee Too, the single silkie chick hatched by Sophie, is a girl, because I'm growing fond of the little critter. I said I wouldn't name any until we knew what they were, but there you go... They are two and a half weeks old, now.

Down to Carmel Valley for Andrew's dad's birthday, last weekend. I'm getting to know that area, now. Also attended a statue unveiling with some of the San Juan Bautista volunteers, in Gilroy, as part of the new downtown Gilroy revitalization project.

That's a quick summary. Still looking for work, and hoping something will come through. It's brutal out there.

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