Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Writer's Block: Chemistry test

Has your idea of the perfect romantic partner changed with age? Do you think we can teach ourselves to desire partners who are better for us or are we constrained by the laws of attraction?

My ideal partner has always been someone who is my intellectual counterpart, and I've never been one to want to end up with someone who is ultimately bad for me. But I never thought someone with whom I shared so many interests and beliefs could exist. After all, that was a fantasy, right? I settled for some part of the package, over and over. But then this guy came along, who was right. It wasn't chemistry, per se, it was intellectual chemistry. The catch? He was over 30 years younger than me. Not the idea either one of us had thought of as an "attractive" traditional partner. And it ultimately didn't matter. We are engaged, now.
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