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The Computer is Actually Functional!

I always claimed this beast came with pre-installed viruses. It's always been slow, clunky, and full of bells, whistles, and crippleware. But there was apparently more than that living on my system. It was phoning home in the middle of the night, or doing something. And it ws reconfigured a couple times, most recently only a couple weeks ago, but there were still weird things going on that made it slooooooow and doing odd things. Our theory is that it was part of a botnet, though I'm not sure where I could have gotten the trojan, since I keep all my antivirus up-to-date and am very suspicious about files and sites. However, I've heard that CalJobs, the EDD linked job site, has had issues with hackers, so who knows?

Jared pretty much stripped it down to bare basics (thanks, Jared!), and finally, I have a truly functional computer. For the first time, it works better than the old Windows 98 laptop that linked in via dialup. Hmm. That says something, doesn't it?

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