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I met a Spark!

Andrew and I went down to the City Council last night to watch "No Impact Man," a documentary about a guy and family who tried living for a year with only locally produced sustainable goods, and no consumerism. This guy was a bit over the top (no electricity? no spices--which have been an import good since the days of Rome, and no toilet paper), but it was an interesting statement. Ran into some neighbors, who had ridden their bikes there, and walked out to the bike rack.

And there it was, a long, lean machine, unlike any bike I had ever seen, a hybrid pedal and battery wonder, that looked soooo steampunk. Apparently, Lee and Margaret knew the guy, who is a biologist who works in tech (like so many of us), and we waited for him to show up. He showed off his bike, which is named "The Blackbird," and I've never seen anything like it. It's heavy-duty, and amazingly long, and maneuvers like nothing I've ever seen before. It's a serious long commute bike, which he designed because long rides were destroying conventional bikes. So he started tinkering, and essentially designed this from the ground up. No, he has no plans to market it. It's his. Because it was what he wanted. He laughed and said "Yeah, I'm a bit of a mad scientist. I build things." In short, a Spark. A Girl Genius type Spark.

Better yet, we talked to his wife, and she's interested in having Andrew come over and see if they can adapt the yard to a vegetable garden. They just pulled up an old cement pad, and there is ancient asphalt under it, but they want a garden. Hmm, we might be getting a chance to know them better. I really appreciate people who live the mad science lifestyle! (Says the woman with her hybrid Transylvanian chicken she intends experimentally breeding.)

The Spark does interesting things. I woke up this morning talking about ionization and covalent bonds in chemical formulas...

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