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My experimental breeding project with Wattles, our Showgirl rooster (sweet and Doctor Seuss silly-looking) has borne its first fruit. Sophie hatched her chicks yesterday, and we have a boxful of peepers currently in the basement. (Damn, it suddenly turned cold! We lost one of the chicks last night because she has so many they were spilling out into the cold night air. I brought everyone inside today.)

So we currently have:
* five black chicks, two with naked necks
* two yellow bantams, one with a naked neck
* three "chipmunks" who are yellow with brown and black striping, one with a naked neck
* one yellow chick with two brown spots on its back and one on the crown of its head

All are ridiculously cute, as only baby chicks can be.

Currently, everyone fits under her. I don't expect that situation to last very long.

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