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Mini-Ming (saga of kittens, continued)

I wasn't going to believe it until I had a kitten in my possession. But the lady with the kittens found out that how the kittens would live/be treated had been misrepresented to her, and said "No way are they going to this guy!" So she called me again, Tuesday. "Still interested?" Of course I was!
Circe came home last night, and made a stop at flowercat and mdlbear's place. The gaming group suddenly emptied out with a cry of "kitten!" and didn't resume again for a while. Circe made fans everywhere, and was passed, purring, from person to person, where she would melt into a contented lump. Hmm, this kid definitely has ragdoll Siamese bloodlines...
So we get home, and she gets transferred from carrier to back bedroom. Actually, I opened the carrier and went to futz with the window fan, and she had disappeared under the dresser. But then, hearing Ming "mreow" on the other side of the closed door, I started out to head out to pet him and threaten him with "mini-Ming," when Circe launched herself, purring wildly and mewing, out from under the dresser. It was as if she was ecstatic there was another Siamese in the house.
I have *never* seen Ming levitate backward like that, before! His eyes grew wide, as I snatched up the enthused kitten, and he managed to regain enough composure to hiss briefly, before turning and fleeing. Ming was terrified of a kitten! I nearly fell over laughing. He's been peering suspiciously under the door and in its direction, ever since. I think he's a bit freaked out. There is something weird in that room, and he's not quite sure about it. Hobbes hasn't figured out yet that there is another cat in the house. But then, he's never been the brightest bulb, either. Ming is sharp and shrewd, but kittens seem to be quite outside his experience range. I think he'll be fine, once he decides she's not TOO scary! Meanwhile, I'm still chuckling.

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