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To Pineapples! (No, not that kind...)

Tonight, I raise my glass and salute the triumph of the corporatist state, with a glass of pineapple wine.

Why pineapples? What did the innocuous tropical bromeliad ever do to deserve such an honor? The Dutch, my dears. I finally grasped that the whole mess we and the world are in has a lot to do with events that went down in the 17th century. It just took a long time to complete its passage through the belly of the beast. The Pineapple is the symbol of Dutch power in that earlier era. And where did that come from?

The Dutch East India Company. And lo, the Corporation was formed, and it did issue stock, and from said stock and said corporation did issue forth monopolies, and the beginnings of the Corporate Age was begun. From beginnings in trading in spices and rare produce, to the excesses of not just Wall Street and world banking endeavors, pro and con, and the presence of World Bank, it all traces back to them, the Dutch East India Company. Forget the Gnomes of Zurich. Forget Illuminati, and conspiracies of the monied class, and all the shades and shadows of other corporations and governments, real and imagined. The Dutch East India Company is seminal, and it trumps them all.

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