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Life in Non-tech Writing

Writing for eBay is a great exercise in appealing to people's desires. I seem to be able to capture just the right fantasy image on a lot of vintage clothes... It's marketing.

Which plays into my online writing. I seem to have a knack for advertising. Heck, if I really do it right, it makes ME want to buy stuff! It's kind of like how I judge my erotica writing---if it turns me on, I'm doing it right. I seem to be getting comments like I used to get from my editors, when I was doing magazine material. "I don't even need to read it, because I know you turn out good work. I just do a quick scan." Once they got to know me, I was a known quantity they could depend on, be it for articles or filler.

I just got paid for the latest batch of ads without the guy even reading them. He said he'll look them over at leisure, because he knows any changes will be very minor, and I'm good at "enticing" people. I'm hyping insurance, currently. Last week it was cosmetics. And what's more, I'm actually having FUN doing it.
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