Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Manning the Polls

I really like working the election, and I have to admit that one of the advantages of not being currently working is that it allows me to do so. I've wanted to for years. But since the advent of everyone going to vote-by-mail, I think we need a new model.

I moved to vote-by-mail because of the insecurity of electronic voting. However, I always drop off my ballot on election day. I guess it's a thing I really like, actually voting on the day of the election. And the irony is that apparently a lot of other people do too, because they personally bring in their envelopes, and now we've gone to paper ballots again. Sometimes people come in and surrender their vote-by-mail ballot and actually vote. It's a rather interesting phenomenon.

But having polls that are mostly used for that purpose is inefficient. Either we move to mail only, or we need to rethink the whole system...

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